Friday, July 29, 2022

Scams In Philippines


Don't get scammed


Don't Get Scammed in the Philippines

There are many scammers in the world. Study at these links to avoid becoming a victim of scams. Number one is NEVER send money to someone you met online! Number two is NEVER give money to someone you met in person if you have not gotten to know them in person over a few weeks or months. 

There are all kinds of scams you could easily fall victim to.

"I need capitol for my business." 
"I lost my money in a taxi." 
"I lost my money to buy my school books."
"I love you so much. Can you help me?"
"My relative (grandma, grandpa, Mom, Dad or baby) is sick." 
"Can you lend me some money for food?"

If you ever give or lend money you must assume you will never see it again. It is GONE. So, unless you are a very rich philanthropist don't even think about it. You might as well gamble away your nest egg before you rent or buy a nest for you and your future sweetheart. Then where is the money to court the lady or girl of your dreams? You will need money for dinner dates, movies, game rooms, 

buses and

Have fun with her!

I'm sure there are many honest and lovely Filipinas (like the one I met in the Philippines.) They will be faithful and will stick with you through thick and thin. You take care of them and they will take care of you. Filipinas make the best wives and mothers on earth.

Save your money to build a life with your new love.

Read more about meeting ladies and how to

avoid scams in the Philippines.

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